LPUD: The House of Lions Slaying Dragons

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In LeoVerse Dragons didn't Make us Kings, But the Lions Did and These lions are protecting Den from Dragons Attack Which is Happening on This LPUD.

My Second Leo Power up Day is Today and Have Already Powered Up Also New LPUD Second Memes edition is here which is themed to Dragon Slayer.

LPUD: Powered Up 266 Leo
Last time on Halloween I was able to Power up 150Leo first time and on my second time the stake increase a bit and able to Power Up 266 Leo.


My Total $Leo Stake is now increased to 416LP. Putting more time and effort into thing's is giving Good results. The Goal is to have 700 Leo Power before the end of 2022 and still have a complete Month left which seems possible to achieve.

LPUD Memes: Lions Slaying Dragons
On this LPUD Lions are Slaying Down Dragons.

Two Kinds of Dragons Exist in this LPUD:

  • Elite Dragon
  • Elder Dragon

    And if Lions do Power up 2,000 to 4,999 Leo tokens They can slay down a Elite dragon will bleed.

And if a Lion do 5,000 or more Leo power up it means they slayed down Elder dragon.
ZomboMeme 15112022170655.jpg
While Strong Lions are Going on the battlefield to slay down Dragons here's me who Powered up 266 Leo only ain't eligible to slay any Dragon but still Happy with my Badge.
Weakest Defenseless Members of Den
Apu Jumps 15112022170120.jpg
This meme is a visual representation of Lion saving the Den from Dragons.
Toothless Presents Himself 15112022164844.jpg
I'ma sacrifice Myself to Save the den from Dragons.

The Prize of Killing Dragons and Ten Random winners of LPUD
This LPUD have many Leo delegation Prizes for all those who are increasing big stake and also more chances for Leo's participating in LPUD as there are 12 prizes.

Well, if being badluck is an Art than I'm Picasso of it in Real Life but Let's See who's Going to have that bad luck for this LPUD Prizes.


This is all Fun for LPUD and still few more hours left to do Power up and become the part of den.

I hope that You liked this edition of LPUD Memes and are having Fun slaying dragons.

Memes are all mine & Created Using Meme Generator

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Thanks for reading.

All the content and images are mine except indicated. No copyright infringement intended. Not a Financial Advice. 15/11/2022.

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I've been hearing about LPUD but never actually tried participating in it.
Would be nice if you can also slay those dragons and get the delegation. 😅


It's same like HPUD.

Hopefully one day. !PIZZA


Nice post! You just got a visit from the Leo's decentralized curation crew for making amazing content on Leo Finance 🦁💪

Thank you for doing your part in slaying the dragons!

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Is this seriously real... Woah! Your words and visit just made my Day.

Thank you so much for encouraging me. 🥺🥰🤝


Congrats on being part of this LPUD sama! Also, I found some of these memes really hilarious 😂! Keep up the great job


Haha, Glad you found them hilarious. Happy to hear that.

Thank you so much. 🥰


Love your memes! You still powered up 266 more Leo than me :D I will join the fight as soon as I have enough Leo 😁😈

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Glad you !LUV !MEME

Hah, you'll do Good when you join the fight looking forward to see you in next LPUD.



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Your memes are funnier than this one below 😂


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