$0 to $5000 How I went from Crypto Noob to Hive Wizard / Addict

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The story begins like many hive stories of the past.......

It starts with one bored lonely afternoon in December 2021......
And one Summoner's Spellbook....


My introduction to HIVE was through Splinterlands. One night reading about NFT games and looking for something that I could play on my phone. The idea of being able to play a game and make any sort of money was such an awesome idea.

So I decided I was going to jump into it with a little bit of money and see how it goes. How was I going to spend my first $100 with absolutely no experience in this space or the game at all? Well I turned to YOUTUBE and found a certain content creator to help me out.


@bulldog1205 Was who I found and he had an outdated beginner guide that included how to spend my first $100. I followed that guide TO THE TEE I bought every single card Jared recommended, and even thought the guide was outdated, most of those cards I still have to this day: creeping ooze, Sea Monster, and Creeping Ooze. Thank you Bulldog!

Splinterlands Divider.png

Where are we now?

Slowly, but surely I started getting sucked into Splinterlands, and deeper into the Hive Blockchain.
  • I just need to get to Silver 3 so I can start earning DEC
  • I just need some HP so I can try flipping some cards
  • Wow I can earn some HP and hive while blogging?
  • Liquidity pool what APR?!?!?!
  • Now, I just need to get to GOLD so I can rent out some cards
  • PIZZA and ONEUP who?
  • I can earn STARBITS completely F2P?
  • dWhat?

Next thing you know, I am contributing a regular part of my paycheck to this ecosystem and have moved some of my savings over little by little. And boys, I am pretty deep at this point and am planning on riding the Hive rocket 🚀 straight to the moon.

As Splinterlands was where I started and the place I was sucked into the most, most of my portfolio is actually in Cards -- $3640

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 11.14.42 PM.png

Next is my SPS - $1092

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 11.17.39 PM.png

Liquidity pools, when before I had no idea what a liquidity pool was - $370

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 11.20.17 PM.png

And then I have also thrown around a $200 bucks into rising star and dCity and have in a few other places on hive

.... This all totals a little over $5000 since December,

and I truly am in it for the long run. I am going to keep contributing to this ecosystem on a regular basis and growing my reach. I hope everyone here is along for the ride, and I hope to one day make this a regular and significant source of income to where I can contribute more time into this. :)

See you guys on the $5000 - $25000 post soon 🚀

Amazing journey and every big thing start with small steps. But once you are in a crypto ecosystem and understand it, you can harvest more and more value each day. And with the use cases around Splinterlands, you can become wealthy just from this alone.

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Awesome post! Love seeing the passion and belief behind Splinterlands (and HIVE-blockchain!)


Nice job, You only ever put in the $100?

It is crazy what the hive ecosystem can offer


Haha, no, I have been regularly contributing every week from my lame fiat income :)


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