India reveals its « regulation » on cryptos. Why I’d prefer a ban.

Dear LeoFinancers, dear Hivers, Today my friend on another social platform, @Ashma ([ active on noise.cash)) published a Noise about the…

Report from El Salvador #2 : Building a BTC Nation beyond the State’s custodial app & KYCd userbase

Dear fellow LeoFinancers & Hivers, As I explained in the first part of this « El Salvador’s BTCization » series, the way the State…

¡Llegó RC Support! Ayudando a nuevos usuarios a interactuar en Hive

Un gran saludo a todos, RC Support nació con la meta de apoyar a los nuevos usuarios (principalmente de la comunida

Lightning Network BTC to HBD stable coin - the most accessible stable for all of LIGHTNING NETWORK!

Ok, so for those of you who haven't seen it yet, check out my recent interview on CryptoManiacs Podcast . One issue we discussed in…

Success!! First sending of Hive to a Salvadoran BTC « Chivo » wallet!

Dear Hivers and dear LeoFinancers, « HiveLightning », the app that @brianoflondon has coded to be a bridge between Hive and BTC as a…

“Chivo” or CBDC? Why privacy is a matter of life or death, in El Salvador too

Dear Hivers, After years of passive observation of the processes that are reducing our privacy to an illusion, I’ve decided to take the…

Report from El Salvador : « The first 40 days of BTC as our currency »

Dear fellow LeoFinancers, during the last weeks some Hivers - among whom @selfhelp4trolls - upon discovering that I live in El Salvador…