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*Hello Everyone,

I used to be active on #splinterlands 3-4 years ago and I was purchasing new cards like crazy. I had invested a lot at that time what I had in my wallet but then I left everything due to certain reasons especially I was not earning much from this blockchain so I had to move to other opportunities that can fulfil my short-term goals. And, wallah I did that and I succeeded in that.

Now I came back with a lot of ideas for my blog and I want to run it that's why I am looking in all of the projects that I left in between and I left. One of the earning platforms was Splinterland where I invested and I checked and shocked to see how the prices got increased a lot of each card I had.

To my surprise, my Splinter Account value rose a lot than I expected. They have improved so much even launched new packs and reward cards. Splinterlands also announces a new Promo Card sale named as VRUZ recently.


VRUZ is a promo card with a Sneak, Mrtyr, and True Strike abilities. The sale of this amazing card is still going on and you can avail only if you Staked SPS (governance token). For purchasing this card, you need to have Vouchers in game. You will be eligible to buy one card for every 1k staked SPS. The more you staked SPS, the more chances to get VRUZ and for every 25 cards, you can get 1 GOLD FOIL bcx for sure.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 6.09.54 PM.png


I had staked 17k+ SPS only so I was only eligible to get 17 bcxs of it. I checked the promo card sale page and put 17 vouchers to buy this card though it showed an error that I don't have vouchers in my account to buy these cards. Then I immediately moved available vouchers from SPS chain to in-game as you can see below:

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.55.32 PM.png

I able to get only 17 BCX because of the staked amount in my account was about 17k plus. I claimed and what I got, you can see the below image.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.54.06 PM.png

I got only normal BCX not the Gold Foil because I had not even close to 25k Staked SPS so I was not eligible. Well, these free cards are enough to get and use in the game to play but I'm not active there. Not even planned to play at the moment because I have a lot on my plate nowadays.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.56.30 PM.png

I even received a gold foil VRUZ from my friend @aamirijaz. He got 10 Gold Foil BCX out of 173 total BCXs that's why he gifted me one card. :P

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 5.44.57 AM.png

At this time I am writing, the price of VRUZ is about $0.52 per normal BCX and $7.35 per gold foil card. I hope these prices won't be like this in the near future. It will increase for sure when demands will increase to use this card in the game. It seems like a good card so demands will surely increase soon. I'm holding these 17 BCX.

How about you? Did you get VRUZ promo card? Let me know in the comment section below if you are an active player and staked SPS.


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