AVA at ATH and tourism hasn't even opened

14 days ago
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It's a good day for the crypto markets, coins pumping left and right and people shilling every shit token in existence...

And yet there is a solid project that remains mostly under the radar because of its nature and the circumstances that we live in.

Of course, I am talking about travala.com's AVA. If you live under a LeoFinance rock AVA is the token of travala.com which is a travel site similar to booking.com . You can buy the token , stake it, earn rewards and pay your travels with it.

If you want to read more about it check my previous post .

Today in the 1000th refresh of Coingecko I noticed that it reached an ATH.

Screen Shot 20210220 at 11.48.36.png

The previous ATH was during September 2020 at around $2 a piece.

So let me break the number for you...

AVA is 40% higher than its previous ATH while its core use case suffers from the Covid situation... Imagine where the price will go during the summer that people will start travel again and imagine where it will go when we leave the pandemic behind.

It is the most undervalued project with a legit and solid use-case out there.

Obviously, not financial or investment advice, but what if this goes to be a Top50 coin ?

Currently its market cap is roughly $100M and sits at No256. Ravencoin at No49 has a market cap of $2B. That's a whooping x20 from today's price.

Anyway, hopium aside let's also see this chart that shows potential.

Screen Shot 20210220 at 12.13.30.png

Revenue, that is actual, real dollars that the company earns keeps on increasing and this gives me great confidence in the project.

That was my small shilling post about my biggest bag.

May the #avaforce be with us!

And until we all go on free vacations with AVA...

Be healthy and smile !!!

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