#MyHiveGoals - weekly progress report

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hello and welcome to all the readers.

A steady progress on accumulating various tokens.
Since last post, I was able to buy Index tokens from the market at a good price.
I am going to invest more in other tokens once i am able to sell the swap.doge (dogecoins) i have on hive-engine.
Just waiting for right dogecoin price spike.

I am also slowly working on doing more manual curation on leofinance posts.

Updated short term goals (ends june 2021):

TokenGoallast Week (03/06)Today (10/06)% Achieved
Hive Power13001094.5561110.34785.411%
CTP Power3400032767.09733158.70397.525%
Leo Power250150.041160.36964.14%
Sports Power360000363374.842372050.878103.34%
Actifit Token70005051.3625134.95273.356%

To reach my short term goals in 20 days, i need
9.482 HP, 4.481 Leo, 42.064 CTP per day.

My other goals as part of the Continuous improvement process

  • Improving the quality of posts
  • look at other subjects and communities
  • improve engagement on other's post. Better quality comments
  • Earn 10$ per post.

Updated yearly goals - 2021:

TokenGoallast Week (03/06)Today (10/06)% Achieved
Hive Power50001094.5561110.34722.206%
CTP Power5000032767.09733158.70366.31%
Leo Power1000150.041160.36916.369%
Sports Power500000363374.842372050.87874.410%
Actifit Token100005051.3625134.95251.349%
CTP Miners35014414441.14%
Hustler Dollar Miners40021021050.599%
CTPSB tokens10047.5447.5447.54%
Index tokens400100290.1672.54%
DHedge tokens300231.6205231.679477.226%
UTOPIS tokens10020.00620.00620.00%
Alive tokens50002513.7662853.73450.27%

** Index token - yearly goal reached.
Increased Index token yearly goal from 250 to 400

My ultimate plan is to reach Dolphin status.
A steep hill to climb, but i am going to keep pushing hard to get as closer i can and achieve it.

hivestats (last 7 days):

[screenshots from https://hivestats.io/@imfarhad]



RisingStarGame - on level 61. (read my last post - https://peakd.com/hive-195370/@imfarhad/rising-star-i-finally-bought-12-card-pack-using-100000-starbits--first-card-pack-opening-and-account-updates)
DCity - Only one hotel. Currently on hold.

Followers on Peakd:

Goal - 500 Followers
Current - 136 Followers & 185 Following [added 2 new followers since last update]
*Short term goal - To reach 150 followers

Thank you for reading my post

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias

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