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Crypto's reputation that its all a scheme to make people rich is a problem for this sort of thing. I haven't looked into this project in particular but the tagline for most crypto projects that could go mainstream is basically do this thing and get crypto! With the implication being that all crypto is something you want because crypto makes people rich and here's how YOU can get some.

Fitness projects should be able to mainstream themselves but when you see something like digital shoes flying up to $1000 right out of the gate, it's clear you haven't gotten to the mainstream audience but instead to crypto investors looking to cash out on the scheme.

I think there's two ways to do something like this. One is advertising as you've said and the other more powerful way that I haven't fully thought out yet is identity building model of slight scarcity, leaderboards, community outreach, etc.

This is basically like the models we've already had with other free web 2 platforms where people put great deals of time and effort to reach high on leaderboardsbecause they attach being on a leaderboard with their identity or with competition and engagement. Throw in an NFT that can be upgraded and eventually cashed out for small amounts that somehow help the community.

I don't know. I mean we're pretty close to the actifit now I guess.

Got me thinking though.


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