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Some thoughts on decentralization and the current status of our world.

The current troubles in the Ukraine and crazy economic situations got me to thinking that no matter how much we trumpet the decentralization of blockchains we live in a highly centralized (and sometimes highly bureaucratic) world.

My Internet Service Provider is a corporation. I pay them for the access, but at any time they could shut down (or shut me down personally if I’m deemed a persona non grata). Is there any way to decentralize providing the Internet? I don’t know.

The Power Grid that provides my electricity is also run by a corporation. At any time they could shut down leaving me without power. Now, I can provide my own electricity with solar or other means. But that’s a system that I would have to set up now. It could not be set up instantly should I lose power.

I rely on the power of a highly centralized and bureaucratic state to keep me safe either through police or military capabilities. Now I can protect myself partially through arming myself. But I would still need a military provided by the government to protect me from a foreign entity.

So all in all, I am able to function in the decentralized world of Hive in the security and comfort provided by highly centralized entities. Anyway, just some food for thought I throw out there for discussion. Ideas and comments are greatly appreciated.

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