A Post Worth Your Time

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How much is your time worth? Wait, wait. The way you answer this is what matters, not the answer itself.

Do you answer this from economy?
From emotions?
From ideals?

If most people could see that time is itself the value, the shift would be impressive. But you don't like to see things that way, right? Because hobos have so much time and their lives are not what you desire.

That's not the right way to look at it. Some hobos have time, some don't. Some are so caught up in their thoughts that they never actually perceive the brilliant abundance of potential shining right in front of their eyes. But some do. Some have what you desire. They live moment to moment, second to second, appreciating the Love that surrounds them.

Forget hobos, I know you don't like talking about that. You like talking about Elon Musk and the market. I'll tell you the ultimate trading tip, the one that sets your mind free: enjoy the fucking red numbers. Really learn to enjoy that moment. Be just as happy as when the green numbers are kickin' .

That's it, that's all you need to know. Congrats if you took the time to read till the end.