Legal Case against Elon musk by a Dogecoin Investor And my Opinions

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A Doge coin investor sued Elon Musk on Thursday for $258 billion, alleging that He implemented a plan to promote doge cryptocurrency which was carried out using Twitter.

An investor by name Johnson In the Southern District of New York, who invested in Dogecoin in 2021, is pursuing a legal case against Elon Musk and his businesses SpaceX and Tesla for damages incurred. Johnson contends that although Musk's tweets promoting Dogecoin on twitter resulted into increased in its price, the crypto currency which previously had little worth before the promotion which Musk recently supported it for his own financial gains.

On January 1, 2021, Doge coin soared from a low of $0.004 to a high of $0.75 in just four months.
Johnson is also requesting court orders under federal and New York law to stop Musk from promoting Dogecoin and to classify Dogecoin trading as a form of gambling with peoples investment. As regards to this, he stated that Elon should be stopped from promoting any asset on twitter which could be misleading. However Elon is yet to speak on this incident since then but here are my opinion as regards.

On the acceptance of cryptocurrency, my thoughts and contributions will be presented below.

The benefits of cryptocurrency outweigh the drawbacks for its consumers. Yet, as of the time of this writing, not all nations have formally and universally recognized it. Whether or not adoption needs to be put into action, it might take some time to do so because of the impact that such news has on young investors' mindsets regarding their investments. However, if issues of this nature are discovered as part of trending news, there is a likelihood that the adoption time frame will be extended.

Although they claim that investing involves risk, I believe that if this trend continues in the future, investors will be less likely to purchase some Doge shares. This is one factor that young investors dread (those with little or no knowledge of cryptocurrency).

It is actually depressing to consider what transpired in the FTX case involving Bankmann. What you give is what you get, the computer claims. The more individuals become frustrated and lose faith in cryptocurrency as a whole when asset managers start to appear to have engaged in fraudulent activities in relation to the asset they are affiliated with.

Yet this had made me realize that the following needed to be put together for crypto adoption

Transparency in investment management

Sir Bankman Fred would have avoided many casualties if he had been truly upfront about the FTX crash. Yet it appeared that as he dozed off, criminals paid him a visit.

Bitcoin education

Our educational system teaches students everything from reading and writing to actual inventions, but it is necessary to implement crypto education in schools so that students may apply certain principles and build riches using the opportunity that crypto has given. Both secondary schools and institutions of higher education can use this.

In short, more information regarding the crypto market crash at this early stage of development will probably deter investment. While spreading crypto knowledge in our classrooms, it is essential that the transparency role be played.

I sincerely appreciate your visit on my blog; I'll see you again soon. My perspectives and contributions about the acceptance of cryptocurrencies

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