Life Insurance Policy VS. Crypto Investing, Which is the Better Option? ~ #idratherhaveyouliveforever

My mom called me the other day saying that, with her about to hit retirement, she is cutting some costs. One of those is a life insurance…

Blockchain Sleuths Expose One of Crypto's Most Notorious Scammers

Over the past week, one of the most hyped-up decentralized finance ecosystems has fallen apart, with one of the main developers being…

Lazy Tyranny

I took a trip to Orlando a couple months ago to hang out with a bunch of anarchists. I got to travel for the first

Possibly the BEST - WORST Mistake I've EVER Made? ~ #boughtmorehive

Loving this price action today! Went to go buy some more and double clicked 50% of my BTC available, so essentially 100% of my BTC and the…

Double Dip @ Your Own Risk ~ #idontsupportgarbage

Having multiple revenue streams is a great idea, for a variety of different reasons. I have many myself, and would encourage everyone to…

HIVE Has the TOOLS to Takeover AIRBNB ~ #hivebnb

If you're new to following me, you probably wouldn't know that me and my family recently made the move from the States to the state of…

Double Up, Double Up, Uh Uh ~ #iainttalkinboutplayboys

It feels good to be able to put my money where my mouth is. Doubling up my HP and getting to a point I had only dreamed about is so…

What's the BEST Delegation to get the BIGGEST ROI of HIVE? ~ #moneymakingmoney

For the past few months I've delegated a lot of my HP to LeoFinance. When the price was high I was getting anywhere between 2-4 LEO a day.…


A few days ago the Hive marketing proposal ad campaign has started. Our Ad dashboard is ready and we have received the first

The Missing KEY to Unlock the Crypto Floodgates? ~ #FIO

I was lucky enough to catch a FIO In-Depth Community Update this morning, hosted by our very own @lukestokes and a Mr. David Gold. Not…

Can You Feel It?! "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free" ~ #hiveishome

I awoke to not only a beautiful sight regarding the crypto charts, but a litany of #introduceyourself posts that were really well put…

What do my TAX-MAN and my Father-in-Law have in Common? ~ #oldpeoplenewcurrency

Getting a call from an unknown number, and then a voicemail, always has me wondering who the hell is leaving me a voicemail? I don't…

Is Today the Day when HIVE Overtakes Steem? ~ #blastoff

I've been watching the price disparity between HIVE and STEEM ever since the HF. Until today, it seemed like STEEM would always jump up…

Frozen Lake Life ~ #theycallthisicefishing

I am currently sitting on top of about 16 inches of solid ice. Comfortably, may I add. Located on North Arm Bay, on Lake…

This Is Worse Than the Evil Behind The 08' Collapse ~ #thetimeisnow

You obviously heard of what Robinhood did today in regard to stopping/mitigating mass losses to their billionaire buddies. [source](

This One Goes Out to the NON-HIVERS ~ #getdecentralized

I Created a PeakD post, basically just sharing a 3Speak video, which was posted on LeoFinance , by @rollandthomas, all of which…

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency: noun a digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using…

It's time to ADVERTISE HIVE! Show the people what Distributed Censorship Resistant means.

This chit show is just the kind of advertising that we have all been waiting for so lets take advantage of it while it's hot and free…

I Was Thinking of Leaving Hive

I've been on HIVE for nearly three years now, along with 30,000 others who are either still with us, away from the keyboard indefinitely…

Gone are the Days of Sub 20K BTC ~ #puttingitontheblockchain

It doesn't seem all that long ago really, when BTC was hanging out in the 4-10K range. I remember seeing once BTC topped off over 10K…