RIDING the HIVE ESCALATOR: Steadily Up and Up

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Consistency is Key

We watch the HIVE price bubble up and deflate, then bubble up and deflate - but one thing that is impossible to miss: the bottom keeps rising up and up.

It's like jumping on an escalator. Every time we jump, we land higher than when we began. Yes, it's more exciting to be up in the air, but jumping or not, we consistently get higher and higher.


If This Trend Continues...

Ok, here we go. Time to speculate. We are watching a consistent rise in HIVE price and it's not too difficult to make certain estimations. My favorite guess is wen one dollar?

You know the drill, I'm not a financial advisor, have no clue what I'm talking about, invest at your own risk, only giving my opinion, take my advise at your own risk, you'll probably get rekked, not my fault, don't sue me.


Looking at at the chart with the bright red line, if this trend continues we will see solid $1.00+ HIVE sometime in September or October. Will this prediction turn out true? Who knows... there is a fairly decent probability that it will spike above $1.00 before then.


Did I really just say that? $10.00 HIVE? Get out of here! But look at this platform objectively - HIVE is the mission statement of STEEM in action, the mission statement that many of us jumped into head-first. Yes, it was disappointing what happened to Steemy, but it is what it is.

Just compare the top payout posts on each platform.



Which of these TRENDING posts is more legitimate? Which of these two will have sustainable growth? You decide.

How Do You Feel About HIVE?

I know I'm preaching to the choir, since most people here are earning and invested in LEO and HIVE, but I'm curious what your feelings are right now concerning HIVE. It's obvious we're seeing bubbles inflate and pop, but still HIVE steadily climbs higher and higher.

But where does the elevator lead? When do we make the step off the escalator? Just my opinion and this might sound crazy, but selling HIVE under $10.00 will be really painful to look back at. Just my opinion. HIVE to the moon!


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The more of us staying active on hive, the more others will want to invest in our community. Keep posting!


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$10 is a bit ambitious. I would be okay with a $2 hive value if I can significantly build my account (10k HP and above). You're definitely right about consistency being key, we only have so much time as early adopters before the eventual moon


I love Hive and it is good to see it rising! I think the number of people using it are going up? Which must be a good thing! Eat !PIZZA and drink !BEER



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