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These days, we are bombarded with the idea of getting a digital skill. The pressure is very high amongst youths. As a result of this, a lot of people are moving towards high-income paying skills like Web Development, Copywriting, Advertising, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

But it seem they can't get enough information on the different areas they are interested in. The challenge is that you have to pay for advanced courses online to get your foot in the door. Day by day, the different folks who want in on those high-income skills are faced with the challenge of less and less information about their interest. It's disheartening, and at the same time, frustrating. They have the spirit to learn and become good at these skills. And there is the promise of wealth and untold fortune accompanied by fame. Obviously, they are dying to have it in the palm of their hands.
We all know wishes are not horses, and right now, most of those courses are not affordable to a young person. Someone who is probably still living off their parent's support. The idea that they have a dream and can't seem to be able to reach it is where I come in. I am not saying that if their parents could afford the daily bread, they can't afford those courses for their children. No.

The economy in my country is as bad as it gets. And if a family has enough to feed, wear, and a place to stay, they seem to be comfortable. The children are the ones who want to reach out and change the circumstances in their homes. They intend to change the world, themselves, and the lives of their family. So, they see the motive of asking for funding to get these courses as being a pain in the ass. They do not want to be another burden to their parents. So they seek redemption and change by trying to toil and look for answers on their own

The high-income skills seem like a good plan and their escape to the untold wealth that those advertisers promises. Yet, the courses are costly, but, they need the skills as badly as possible. And this is where I chose to come in. I decided to create a blog around one of the high-paying skills, Affiliate Marketing, a few months ago.

What I wanted to accomplish was to give those who are interested in Affiliate Marketing a place to read everything they want to know. To figure out if they want to learn the skills needed to be good at recommending people's businesses to others and getting their commissions. With my blog they can have access to any answers they so desire. Without breaking the bank, they can get a foundation upon which they can build a career on.
Value. That's what I want to give. This is the gap I want to fill. I don't know if it's a worthy gap but what I do know is that my team and I are going to give it our best.

In the beginning, as of now, we will start by preaching and spreading the gospel of having a chance at getting those high-income skills. We will try as much as we can to dish out valuable contents that answer the kind of questions our audience has.

Now, in between, tending to their needs, and making sure they have the value they want, we will be looking into our pockets too. Yes, I know we might not be making money at the beginning but every business is created to make profits.
Thus, I have different plans on how to go about generating that income. It's with those incomes that we will be able to stay in business longer, if not, we might have to close down. Closing down! Backing down! It's not on the list of things I hope to accomplish with the blog in question.

One of the ways, I intend to make profits off the value I'll be dishing is through Google Adsense. The traffic generated by people who visit and read the blog posts will be converted to money when we get AdSense approved for the blog. It's a win-win here because when they come around to read, and are excited about what they are getting. They will want more. And the more they stay, the more our ranking is good for Google. With this, we might have the chance of getting on the front page.

I know getting on the front page has more to it than just the audience. But I believe people first and money next. So, I'll invest my time in getting people, because some of them might convert to backlinks and stuff. I sincerely hope I am not boring you already.

Other ways I am thinking of generating money will be recommending courses or products/services with the Affiliate links for proposed commissions. After all, isn't this what affiliate marketing is all about?. It is. Affiliate marketing takes the pure intention of recommending a good food spot to your friend and turns it into a money-making venture.

With affiliate marketing, you no longer recommend those food spots for free, you receive a commission once your friend visits, and makes a purchase. So, there will be this part of monetization as there will be other parts too. Somehow in between all of this, there will be an email list to take on readers who want to be subscribers so they never miss our articles. At the same time, we will also need subscribers who will convert to cash in terms of product purchases and the rest.

There are lots of plans mapped out for this. It's going to take a long while. The journey is a long one. It will keep me on my toes. It might take away sleep from me. There might be weeks I'll be broke. But I have a feeling it will be exciting, fun, educating, and particularly, profitable. Thus, I am willing to give my best to make it work.

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