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When we talk of life story we talk of all the dealings of an individual.
We talk about the challenges and the possible ways used to conquer these challenge.
Well for a start before you start any story not just a story but a real life story. Then there is every need for introduction.
My name is Samuel sabastine Iyimoga.
The iyimoga which I use as my username is a name originated from a part in Nigeria.
I am a typical black man with the blood of black flowing through my vain.

Well enough of my self.
Now lets lets talk about my life on hive platform.
My username just as you see it at the top left screen of this post is my identity on hive.
I started blogging on hive in the year 2020, And at this stage i can atest to the fact that with my little effort i have been able to attain a level but it didn't only come from my effort it also came to reality wiith the support of people who get to see my posts and appreciate it by supporting in one way or the other.
This platform has been a source of inspiration to me as i get all manner of teaching, knowledge and wisdom and even great information that is life changing.
As an individual i will say i have aquire a lot from this platform in terms of individual development.

Talking of footing my bills in life.
Hive has not been doing that for now but i believe it will come to a time when i can relent on this source to be able to deal with my financial problem. That hope is what keeps me going even when i post sometimes and those posts are not recognize. Butvthe fire keeps burning in me that it will sure come a day when all these will be history.
I don't think i have any other story that is more that what i just related to you concerning I and Hive.
The write up come on the


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