RE: What's Your Cypto Match Plan?

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I really enjoyed reading this post. I love your idea of living from Crypto and I share your view about the fact how fiat is declining in value while crypto is growing in value.

I have actually put this to the test and took a small amount out of some fiat investments we have had for more than 3 years. I invested that small amount into crypto (Bitcoin to be exact) during October 2020. With a combination of interest and the increase in value, this bitcoin investment currently outperforms our fiat investment by far.

Yes, I do agree with you, nobody can predict the future and therefore I agree, it is not wise to just take all our fiat currency and put it into crypto all at once. Yet, slowly but surely I am transferring more fiat into crypto on a monthly basis right now, trying to maintain a safe balance between fiat and crypto.

Thank you for a great article!