⭐️All The HIVE DOLLARS This Topic Generates Is YOURS Week Eight⭐️

I'm giving away all the liquid HIVE Dollars this post generates via a free raffle. No upvote, Resteem or Follow required (Although doing…

Random Thought of the Day - Daily Contest #6 - Elon Musk: Evil Genius or Clever Stoner ?

Contest Day 6 - Is Elon Musk an Evil Genius ? Hey folks, Sorry for the late post. Had a busy day

A Quick Post for Newbies having Problems Staking and Powering Up Hive an POB

Recently I have noticed a few new users are having problems powering up Hive and Staking Pob, I had this problem myself not too long ago…

Challenging The Age Old Thought Process Surrounding Wealth Creation

We all like to make a profit from our time, whether it be investments made or time spent creating meaningful articles and posts on the…

Random Thought of the Day - Daily Contest #2 - Are we living in the Matrix ?

Hi there and welcome to the second edition of my daily competition. I have started this competition in the hope that t

The Exotic lifestyle of Bitcoin, "NOT", A children's bedtime story.

Bitcoin now lives an #Exotic lifestlye of the rich and famous with expensive tastes and glamorous luxuries, while surrounded by…

Every Community Needs a Blockchain Game

This is something I have been interested in seeing ever since I joined the BCH community in February this year, something I believe that…

Calls for Cuba to follow El Salvador in adopting Bitcoin after they suspend US Dollar Deposits

Cuba, officially known as the Republic of Cuba, is a small country Island comprising of the island of Cuba, as well as Isla de la Juventud…

Bitcoin Beach - A Village in El Salvador With Real 'bitcoin' Uses In Daily Life

Long before El Salvador adopted bitcoin as a legal tender, there was a place inside the country that adopted bitcoin as their money.…

Could we be seeing the start of an #Outrageous Bitcoin Adoption Domino Effect? "WHY" I think we "ARE" and why I believe it's on the "WAY".

We have all heard the stories of El salvadors President Nayib Bukele who announced that the country of El Salvardor is to adopt Bitcoin as…

POB Fantasy Crypto Game

A number of days ago I proposed establishing a POB Fantasy Crypto game that would create regular engagement and some fun on the POB front…

Ha Ha Ha the shitshow comes full circle, then to an abrupt end....

Now that the elites of the WEF and The UN have dealt their shitty Agenda 21, the failed climate controversial hoax and the "NOT", so great…

Are you Ready for a POB Front End Crypto community Game, that could knock your socks off??

Thinking outside the box, this is something I have been thinking about establishing for a few weeks, something that would aid growth and…

Is POB on Fire Right "NOW". Why I believe "IT IS" and why I'm going all "IN".

So I have achieved my first goal of reaching 200 #pob staked which was kind of a challenge set by @calumam two weeks ago. PROOF OF…

AAX suspends all Fiat deposits and withdrawls

As of 2nd June 2021 The AAX Exchange will be suspending all fiat currency deposits and withdrawls, JUST WHAT WILL THIS MEAN FOR…

Those who wish me dead

Those who wish me dead is your classic action flick starring Angelina Jolie a troubled Fireman or woman in her case that struggles with…

Icebreak-R Airdrop!

Here's an airdrop by a new project called Icebreak-r that may interest some of you my fellow pleb bounty hunters: Instructions are…

✨💪💪 POB Target Achieved - 2K POB Token staked 💪💪✨

Hello all Hive Lovers, Hope you all are doing good. I have been engaging actively in Proof of Brain community since i came to know…

POB Holds firm despite a volatile Market

Proof of Brain is probably one of the only tokens that has remained reasonably stable throughout the current demolition of the…

📈 'Proof Of Brain' Weekly stat report - May 08, 2021 to May 14, 2021 📈

Hello Guys Here is the weekly update of Proof Of Brain (hive-150329) stats 📊📈 report. These stats are generated from posts…