RE: 3 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid Early In Your Crypto Journey

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I think you have whacked the ball right the hell outta the ballpark.

We all tend to make these mistakes at somepoint, some are still making them.

But you are right in saying that if you had $10 that wasn't needed for food, rent or bills and you ain't gonna miss it then why not right.

As you have discovered that $10 investment might have accumulated thousands of times and had you done your own risk assessment you would have probably invested.

I think many of us wish we did similar risk assessments and bought in early on many coins.

I am now personally planning on using a small amount of fiat currency I don't need monthly to buy and add some of these coins to my portfolio.

After all who knows for sure what the future holds, even influencers aren't fortune tellers.

I think $10 a month is a really low risk entry to begin with and then maybe I will adjust it accordingly and with currency types.

You must look at the risk verus the reward and if you ain't gonna miss it you ain't risking much.

However on the other hand the rewards could be astonding should one of them take off and make you much better off or possible rich.

I enjoyed your article, Thanks for sharing

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