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The prize of hive right now at 0.82 isn't all bad news for people like me who really has come to understand the story o where we were, are and going to.

If I take a look back at my small journey of just about 4 months of activity, one thing that pushed my chances higher for rapid growth was that I had earned as much hive as I could when the price was less. Thanks to encouragement from @bhoa @belemo and @starstrings01 and with guidance from @josedicus. I staked up plenty at 100%.

With that I have gathering enough buoyancy for the launch/pump that happened which definitely got me amazed and gave me a taste of just how much each hive I earned was worth.

To know the true worth of hive, there are certain things you should be looking at asides the charts. What you focus on matters if you really want to be productive. For many, the charts does not make them productive, it just leads to worry and that kills creativity.

For me and many who know, we are happy, because. Like a song says..
I can see clearly now, the dip is here..it is not to say the dip is all good, many may have lost a fortune, and looking at the analysis behind the dip, some might say its the forces working against us, others believe the powers that be want in on the goldmine that Cryptos have become so they want to jump in on a lower price, whatever the case,



Got Hive, I have a few things that I look at to remind me that, meeeeehn.. Don't give up,.. Or like @josedicus once said,

Na who give up,fuck up.

You should look at the following

1. Community

Other Cryptos are not so buoyant in this, some just have people holding but no intercommunications. The way we interact within the block chain and create ideas a mind st ourselves. The way everyone giver can contribute immensely to build up the community in general, now that is something to boast about. And when it comes to value, that is something to hodl for.

2. Developments, Ideas and Projects

If you re new on hive, you may have heard about some new developments and you may not, because most of them happen intra community. The hive platform encourages a lot of new developments and they dot have to be crypto related, just as long as they give out information, and help people access knowledge easily. I see all our communities now existent and those to come as great developments because they will be built by people in the blockchain. Look at @leofinance, look at Proofofbrain, dreemport, SPKnetwork, @threespeak, @splinterlands, @rabona and other powerful in coming projects like @ragnarok.game, @psyberx which I won't stop shouting about, and ofcourse the leo projects like project-blank and cub defi.

3. Usability and Utility

If there is anything I m more in love with on hive it is that most of these projects intend to have their own constitutional tokens which will be used within and for the project and they can be gotten on the blockchain. Some of you as newbie may have already seen them in your hive engine as you ve been earning them effortlessly. These tokens have potential laden in them and those are the little second layer tokens I ll speak of next.

4. Second Layer Token

The second layer is where most of the fun on hive happens, these where the first words I heard on the first day I joined the dreamport pimp your post Thursday, I wasn't sure if it was Shadows talking or @dreemsteem but from that moment on I started paying cognisance to the second layer tokens.
There are many if them but it is good to know about a few and support them and the project they represent. They can make you reach your financial targets.

Once told a non Hiver about lvl tokens of psyberX and she was willing to join hive just because she saw potential in lvl even more than myself. This was because she has earlier bought in on an earlier game token which made her so much she was regretting not buying more. I m sure you know what I meant.

A few of the tokens I m aware of are LEO, LVL, and POB. I hold others in my hive engine but I m yet to do much research about them.

In the mean time, I ll be gentle, and sharp, I ll keep acquiring knowledge and being productive and active. My target is to hit my 4000HP this year and I m beginning to see it very possible, even with eye on other projects on the platform.

So my fellow hivers and newbie, don't feel bad that the prize is down, it may come lower, sad to say but, crypto doesn't know you. It is volatile, but when you have platforms like HIVE right here.

We don't panic sell, we hodl

There are many more reasons to dig deeper into hive even amidst this dip. I have mention the few I know, I believe some other top shots would go through this post and make a fee more points than I have given here.

And if you re yet to onboard and you re reading this post.. Common in. We need you to see like we do. Bring your creativity with you tho.

You can see why our character matters here. We are long term planners. We believe in growth. We keep building and reaching and enriching the platform. One day it will happen and all we dreamt of will happen.

Finally, I have read about hive having the potential to reach $50 and I think it is true, when capacity like this is built and has people with so much interest in its growth, value will come easily.

Thank you so much for taking my post serious.

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good job.. you're seeing the power of this chain and will be able to make your way through the crypto winter .. no matter how long it rolls for.

1 yr

Yeah.. I m getting well grounded, thanks to you and PYPT conversations.

Sure we ll hold the fort


There are so many things going on for hive for anyone to be swayed by the markets. We’ve seen what accumulating with the mindset of long term eventually turns out to look like, here we have another opportunity to stack up. That’s it.

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1 yr

Yeah. That's the truth actually. Nothing more.


Its all a matter of time bro. There's always time for everything. Now's the time to utilize the dip as best as we can. Like you said. It's the time to gather as many tokens as we can. When the bull comes again we'll all be smiling to the bank ..

Thanks for the inspiration bro ❤️✅

1 yr

I dey tell you. And I feel like the bull when it comes this time will move a lot of second layer token as well.


Well said and there are really are a lot of second layer tokens in hive and it is what makes hive and its community stronger and different from other platforms, if I may I wanna introduce you to another token that you might find promising (a lot of people do), it is the oneup token, and the Praetoria Cartel (Oneup Cartel). Ofc, this is not financial advice but more of a friendly recommendation.

The Cartel has everything in one, Meta Gaming Guild, Meta Curation, Meta Dividend Token it is all in the Cartel.

You can do your own research and let me what you find out 😻 HODL!


1 yr

This is definitely one on the tokens I ve been eying.
Been on the discord group but I ve never really gotten a grasp.

Thanks, your recommendation will go a long way.

We Hodl👌🏽


When it comes to hive, we don't panic sell. We hodl...

That's the sweet thing about hive, and why I keep loving it. Many people sell their coins off easily because they don't see a reason to hodl but hive gives us more than one reason. It's utility is versatile.

We keep building and taking advantage of what ever situation we find hive in the crypto market.


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