An Autumn country drive

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I returned home yesterday from a writing retreat at a lovely place called Jack Pines Resort in Minnesota. The drive there on Friday was one straight 3.5 hour stint, as I wanted to get to my cabin before the deer started wandering out onto the roads. But on the way back, I took my time. It was a day of light and shadow.

I made some stops in little towns and along roadways by farms to take pictures of dilapidated structures, fall colors, and barns.

I’d love to know how old that barn is, and how long it has been holding together, doing its job. I’m pretty sure a high wind or a rogue bolt of lightning would obliterate it in an instant.

On another stop I found an ancient farmhouse. It does not appear to have been lived in for a very long time.


Another favorite structure was this little silo all covered in vines.


The next two photos are of the same farm, before and after the sun came out and illuminated the silos in sunlight.



At one point I saw a little self-serve farm stand, and just had to stop to buy pumpkins. It was an honor system. I fell in love with two big pumpkins that were $5 a piece, and I just happened to have a $10 bill in my wallet.



No "autumn drive" post would be complete without pictures of autumn trees showing their colors.





Here's one last photo — the entrance to Jack Pines Resort where I stayed over the weekend and met up with a bunch of other writers.


Thanks for stopping by to check out the photos from my autumn drive!


Photo credits: All of the photos in this post were taken by me with my iphone and belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

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