Like Bitcoin, Hive is under constant threat.

The cryptosphere is constantly talking about the need for decentralized social media. However, surprisingly, no matter how much…

Introducing the BTCB-BNB Cub Kingdom | Vault Migration Status: 4/7

The release of Cub's most anticipated feature - Kingdoms - is chugging along. As we've mentioned in posts, tweets and AMAs, the release is…

Invest - Compound - Retire

Probably for most of us, the end goal is retiring from our day jobs. Some of us have done it already, others like myself are still on…


Bitcoin is still OK, but fuck ETH! BSC is where it's at now. DOGE will be > $1. Posted Using [LeoFinance Beta](

CUB: When can we lock LPs like Splinterlands locks NFTs?

Some nerf herders are concerned that CUB is at a dollar now (2021年5月22日). Not me. 王 believes it has that community of diamond hands…

When Do Hivers Post And Vote The Most?

This is an interesting topic to look at for Hive. Where do hivers post and vote the most? Having in mind Hive is a global community…

KRITA: Can we produce digital art with Linux?

I've been using Procreate for almost a decade, but my iPad is gone. I lost my temper when my dickhead uncle wouldn't let me Facet

Hive Success: Only For Those Who Want It

Hive is a platform that is presenting tremendous opportunities to people. We are embarking upon a potential paradigm shift that can…

Into the Swamp (Finance!) but I feel more Secure with Cub!

I decided to dive into Swamp Finance earlier today, on the shill of some well-known FACES on Hive. [Swamp Finance](

Binance Card vs Card

With the booming popularity of exchange-based tokens such as BNB and CRO, I thought it would be smart to take a look at some of the…

Evilcorp: I do evil to stay competitive.

Corporations aren't evil They are extremely neutral. A corpo

What is BUD DeFi?

Someone has made a clone of CUB Defi . It looks sketchy AF. The logo looks like a ten-year-old had a go at Microsoft Paint . Is t

DeFi Minting Millionaires

It is the Wild West. There are exit scams. It is an arena where one needs to tread lightly. However, it is also a place where…

7 Reasons To Invest In Cub Finance [Presentation]

Everyone deserves access to Financial services with fast, secure and low cost transactions. With Decentralized Finance, you just need a…

Cub Hits Huge Milestone

1,411,509 / $2.600 = 542,888 CUB 49% of all CUB is in the Den. Yep, hodler

FARM -vs- DEN: Are we investing wisely?

Welcome to the wonderful world of DeFi everyone! The beautiful thing about ideas is that they are unstoppable if we make it so. Right…

Introducing DEC Farming on Cub Finance

We've added DEC to the list of available farms on Cub Finance. As of today, you can now send DEC to the Binance Smart Chain, pool it with…

Happy St. Patrick's Day my 100 CUBs!

I don't know why I feel 100 is the perfect number. Maybe it's just because it's all that I could muster. My plan is to harves

$197k CUB Burned, $38k bLEO Bought & Burned | BSCGemz AMA In 5 Hours and Future Plans

What a week! It's been 7 days since the launch of CUB and this is a significant milestone for a number of reasons. All week, we've been…

CUB: Is anyone else having serious FOMO?

I can't stop thinking about CUB . It's so bad that I've sold all of my Splinterlands cards for DEC to HIVE to CUB . I'm almost at my…