RE: The Biggest Airdrop In Hive's History!

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Calling a $2 LARYNX price on day one. Hopefully, people will speculate it down to $1 at some point. I really need to stack up on this one as soon as it is released.

SPKNetwork > YouTube

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$2 would be so cool Jerry. I am going to put in a few hundred dollars for sure irrespective of the price and start earning SPEAK tokens as early as possible. Love mining without any complex rig 😝 Can't do videos but can buy Larynx!

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Just taking notes from the testnet launch. First listings were at about 2.5 Hive per Larynix.

Can't do videos but can buy Larynx!

Same here. Can't do videos but can host videos and earn rewards as soon as the decentralized storage infrastructure is released.

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