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We all started out that way. I had to create a personal profile on freelance websites if I wanted to get my ass out of poverty. During that time I wrote content for a guy that created an OSINT tool for intelligence agencies. In layman's terms, he combined AI with some search algorithms and the software scrapped both the surface web and the deep web. It identified people and their close circle of friends/fellow terrorists/criminals based on any piece of information, be it a phone number, email, or just one of their online usernames. Sometimes you get the results back in less than 10 seconds.

Hiding from governments and the taxman isn't my aim because you can't really do that. I'm just trying to avoid the inconvenience of stepping on someone's toes by promoting crypto and educating people on how to benefit from it. There are a lot of people with a lot of money out there and none of us can know what is going on in their heads.

For me it boils down to simple logical questions:

  • What if crypto goes mainstream and the tradfi people get fucked over. Will they go out without a fight?

  • What if the everythign bubble actually pops and we see consequences much greater than the great depression? Will my neighbor come to rob me because he knows I'm that weirdo that was buying crypto?

  • Are we maybe underprepared for the technological and mental changes that will take place in the years to come?

Bottom line is that you can only do so much. Transparency is an integral part of blockchain so you can't really know what consequences a transaction you made today will have in 10 years.

Take advantage of what is free. Having 10 email addresses instead of one comes with no extra cost. The same goes for your crypto wallets.

Be prepared and if we all go broke there will be nothing to worry about. But if we make it, you will thank yourself for being a forward thinker.

Thanks for attending my Ted talk. I just realized that I turned a comment into an article. Sorry about that.

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