Final Fantasy XVI will finally be launched this year

3 months ago
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Final Fantasy XVI Short Film Sneak Peak
Hai Gan Finally, the most famous RPG genre game in the world made by Square Enix, Final Fantasy, will launch its newest series, Final Fantasy XVI or Final Fantasy 16. We already have Final Fantasy VII Remake which is super epic this year, however Square Enix plans to release another new Final Fantasy XVI series on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Since the success of Final Fantasy 15 four years ago, we have been wondering when Final Fantasy 16 will be released. Final Fantasy XVI uses a high fantasy setting and a more advanced engine.

As we know, the Final Fantasy genre game has a complex storyline and a high fantasy setting of steampunk elements, such as advanced cities, mechanized soldiers, high-tech vehicles, and airplanes. Graphics and High Effects can be realistic with today's technological developments. Hopefully Final Fantasy XVI has an understandable storyline because we know that the Final Fantasy storyline can sometimes be quite confusing.

I really can't wait for Final Fantasy XVI to be released to the world this year. Hopefully Final Fantasy XVI Short Movie Sneak Peak can satisfy your curiosity

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