Cub Finance: November monthly add and status

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As usual, I am making my monthly add to Cub Finance so I can increase my sources of passive income. As I invest in the farms, it isn't fully passive but the CUBs I harvest get stored into the fully passive Cub Kingdoms. There is also a lot of hype over the PolyCUB airdrop so I plan on adding more to my CUB positions before it happens.


CUB docs.png

There is no change to the roadmap documentation page right now but they did release some more information about PolyCUB. The new PolyCUB mechanics will be based on protocol controlled value and I highly suggest you read the post to learn more about it. It will work differently from CubFinance and according to the weekly dev update, it is in it's final stages as they try to get the audits done. So this seems like a good time to add to my position before it goes live. The weekly update also mentioned that the 2nd IDO already got their audit certificate so it should be ready to come out soon.

My monthly add

I sent 251 LEO tokens over to my metamask wallet using the documentation instructions. From this swap over, I got 250 bLEO tokens. I still have some leftover BNB from my previous transaction a while ago so I just plan on converting 125 into CUB and the other 125 into BUSD. With this, I can add to my CUB/BUSD Farm and it currently also pays out the highest APR out of the farms. My CUB in this farm and the kingdoms will both count towards the PolyCUB airdrop so I see this as a great thing.

To note, I followed the instructions on last month's monthly buy to get my LP tokens because Pancake didn't save the bLEO token in the swap function.

11-24 LP tokens.png
In total from my 250 LEO, I managed to get 42.4756 LP tokens. It does seem like I had a better exchange rate last month but the purpose of these monthly adds is to help average out how much I spent on the tokens. To note, I harvested my CUB from my bLEO/BNB farm first just incase the price of the pool changes so all my BUSD is taken. After adding the pool tokens, I now have 188.303 LP tokens staked in the CUB/BUSD Farm.
11-24 LP value.png

My Cub Finance holdings

10-20 mycublp.png

Above is my holdings as of last month and below is my current holdings using mycubholdings. The values have definitely changed quite a bit.

11-24 mycublp.png

The DEC/BUSD pool values are still elevated but the price has dropped slightly since last month. However I still think it is doing quite well so far in dollar value. As for the bLEO/BNB pool, LEO has underperformed compared to BNB so more of my BNB was converted into bLEO this month but the fiat value has also went up. CUB prices are up compared to last month so I lost a little bit of CUB compared to last time and I added to my position. As of the picture above, only the 240 CUB would count towards the PolyCUB airdrop from my Farms.

11-24 kingdom.png

Between last month and this month, I was able to harvest over 90 CUB which I added to my kingdom. Compared to the 50 I had last month, it looks like my strategy is paying off quite well. However I am doing this post a bit later than usual so maybe the value would of been closer to 75 if I did this mid-month. My current value in the CUB kingdom will add 316.212 CUB to my PolyCUB airdrop. Just like last month, the transaction fees for all my harvest, LP staked and CUB kingdom deposit cost me around 0.005 BNB in transaction fees.

Please make sure to invest only what you can afford to lose and nothing I said is financial advice. Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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