RE: How Merits increase the Value of Reward Cards

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While it may reduce the excess supply hitting the market, it doesn't really solve the huge max supply of the card. So I don't think it will have that much of an effect on prices.

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When you look at the ratio print/cards of reward card, you notice that this ratio gets bigger over time. For powerful cards it will go to about 8. Meaning that for every 8 cards printed, there will be 1 in circulation. This ratio lower for new cards, which is logical. There are less cards and less combined ones. It doesn't solve the max supply issue which is definitely too big for certain reward cards but I believe that by giving out cards at a slower speed, the number of cards in circulation is will be lower which has an effect on the price. In the long run, once the card is fully printed, the price will be set by the quality of the card rather than by its supply. So I believe that the merits will contribute to keep the value of cards higher while still in print... Sorry that was a bit long lol