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It's nice to know the details about it. What happens if you have a 2t delegation, cancel it then delegate out 2t again? Would the current value drop another 2t from yours or will it go from the one delegated out?

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Say you have 10t total max RCs. If you delegate 2t, you have 8t, but you also delegate the mana associated with 2t max RCs. When you cancel the 2t delegation, you get back your max RCs immediately, but not the mana. So, you have the max RCs back at 10t, but the mana corresponds to 8t if it was full at the beginning.

When you redelegate 2t, you will have 8t max RCs again, but mana will drop to the corresponding 6t max RCs mark because you delegate another 2t worth of mana from the previous 8t level. If you wait, of course, the mana recovers.