Splinterlands: Purchasing Chaos Legion cards and managing diesel pools

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My win rate in Splinterlands isn't that great and I decided to use up some of the DEC that I saved from before to upgrade my own deck. Besides that, I also check how well my diesel pool positions are doing after my last update as I believe that they are one of the better opportunities here on Splinterlands.

Chaos Legion Cards Purchase

Above is the Chaos Legion cards that I have purchased to improve my chances of winning. This includes two copies of a level 1 legendary card that I do not have and a copy of a good water tank.
The first card that I am looking forward to the most is the Diemonshark. It starts off with trample and later learns the enrage ability at level 4. I have a gold foil copy of this card but I couldn't justify the price of buying three more gold foils when I could get it far cheaper as a standard foil. I have wanted this card for a long time and I can't count how many times I have lost a match when I have faced this card so it's the card that I like the most out of my purchases.
The next card up is Adeleade because it's both a flying monster and has the repair skill. I have wanted this card for a long time because of its abilities. So as an addition to my lineup, I think it's going to be quite helpful.
The last card that I bought is Djinn Muirat because I felt that I needed more options for my death deck. Compared to the untamed days, I find myself using death more often now so I thought that having this card would be quite useful. It can act well as a back-up tank and the void armor ability will allow it to live longer. I might actually have some use for the knock out ability because I actually have a card capable of stun in my death deck.

Liquidity Pools

The returns have dropped again on the pools but it's still providing at least 50% in each pool available right now. So I still think it's providing a good opportunity. I am following the same strategy as my last post and I will be selling some SPS from the diesel pool rewards while investing the rest back into the pools. A portion of the DEC generated will go towards buying new cards such as the ones earlier in this post.
current positions.png
My current positions are above. It looks like the fiat value of my DEC position has dropped quite a bit but it also generated over 1k DEC worth of fees. So if I look at things from the point of view from DEC , it's a positive position and I also gained 8,571.609 DEC from my liquidity pool rewards from last time. VOUCHERS are down towards the lowest point and it hasn't really generated much in fees so I wonder if I should just keep the VOUCHERS and wait for a pump. However, the 74% APR isn't bad as it is. As for my SPS position, I added some more SPS but it looks like the fiat value has dropped. Overall, it's not bad as the IL is being offset by the rewards that I am getting.


I think it was a pretty productive day checking in on my own earnings from the game and I was able to get a few cards to enhance my own deck. I am looking forward to using the Diemonshark the most though. Besides this, I checked up on my liquidity pool positions to see how things are going.

Are you improving your deck or are you investing in the Splinterlands liquidity pools?

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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Nice cards. I've also been adding to pools lately as those APRs are quite nice indeed !!! And Splinterlands keeps on innovating which is hopefully good for long term price - heres hoping !

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Thanks. I like the high APRs and the impermanent loss kind of goes away over time so I am not as worried about the change in amounts in the pools.

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Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12