The HIVE Blogchain Tutorial - #PeakD | #Splintertalk | #Oneup | #LeoFinance | #THGaming - updated video & article.

(1) How to use the hive blogchain

šŸš€ In this video I go over some of the basic techniques of exploring the #hive Blogchain and earning cryptocurrency for your posts (across different Hive Platforms). I will include links below that will come in ve...


Listening to fav music while playing #splinterlands is one of my motivation to enjoy grinding match.
Manila covering HOTDOG .
I miss my hometown Manila capital of the #Philippnes while 3 years in #MALAYSIA and aslo 2 years in #Saudi Arabia working OFW.
Hopefully nextyea...

RE: $Hive is about to hit $2! And beyond šŸš€ #oneup @oneup #splintertalk #gaming #hivegaming

The FOMO is real! I have around 25 HBD but still hesitating when the best price to enter, if Hive goes back to $1, I'll go All-in with my HBD.

RE: šŸš€ $Hive hits $3.4 and 1.1 Billion market cap! #oneup #splintertalk #leofinance #cubdefi

Holy crap, thats a serious pump. I thought woulda came down already but she just keeps on going.

RE: Still FIGHTIN' like a champ. HIVE in the left corner, STEEM on the right!

Its kinda wild to see such an increase. Early xmas surprise. Keep rockin Jim!


Hivechain : Yesterday vs Today. $Hive moves 12 places, now rated 140th [ market cap ] of all cryptocurrencies! #splintertalk #oneup #leofinance #cubdefi

Hive all time highs again!

The $Hive token has broken through its previous all time high and is currently trading around the $1.75 mark. Hive token is now rated 140th overall, which means that it still has a LONG way to grow if it is to catch up to the bohemeth market caps of #Cardano #doge #dot o...