Hive is in the Funnel

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Along the way, a person who is on an online business building journey; there will be assumptions, confusion, euphoria, reflection and uncertainty.

Well, everyone of us who want to earn an income online come in with some misconceptions right off the bat.


We assume that clicking here and there, sending an email or two and just telling people that you belong to this rad new site that produces "ahem" thousands of dollars in profits, learn IMMEDIATELY how much bull$hit that is and rightly so.


But hey, it comes with the territory. You go swim with the fishes, but you run into many sharks.

You have to run the gamut and go through the rollercoaster of wins and mostly losses before learning the realities of it all.

I myself stepped away from it all for a few years and came back at another attempt with a whole new perspective.


For about a year, my approach netted me downline growth to some of my favorite ad sites, I started growing multiple lists and was earning commissions.

The trajectory was moving forward, but the reality was that as I see the same marketing approaches
; it was evident that it was never going to change.

That is why it is necessary to expand our horizons and not only expand it, but realize HOW FAST things are changing. Crypto, the blockchain, HIVE; are here to stay.

So what is going to happen to those folks that continue to click for pennies, continue to believe the hype, who are not diversifying their marketing where the blockchain is paramount to their future success or to revitalize what was once a thriving online income?


I continue to promote, bring in folks to my lists and grow downlines; but so many are not budging from their stagnation. They are not seeing the big picture. Don't realize that a platform like HIVE can put them on a better path.

You don't have to quit what you are doing. Combine it with your current marketing and take it from there.

Now, that is easier said than done; but it is easy:



What takes the cake with CTP is that it offers a guide that gives a beginner a way to acclimate themselves to the HIVE platform where it houses many dapps, tribes and blogging platforms including CTPTALK.

This is huge, because without question CTP is the first and foremost affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship and online marketing training and support system on HIVE.


The Hive Guide

In my opinion, the guide is the crown jewel in the CTP system. Getting a grip and understanding about crypto, the blockchain and all that encompasses is on HIVE, but you need a head start and that is where The Hive Guide comes in.

Not only will you learn the value of Comment, Create & Curate!

You will learn about investing in crypto on, which in itself is beyond valuable.

The folks you meet on HIVE is the icing on the cake, because what is evident about the platform is that it benefits everyone to help each other.

Can we say that outside of HIVE?

So today's question at CTPChat

What would be your best tips for beginners that are just getting started on HIVE and CTPTalk?

I may be bias, but for a person who is looking to get to the next level in affiliate marketing, starting an online business or building their current brand; there is no better place than CTP and diving into The HIVE Guide as soon as possible.

“If you are stuck on anything or have any questions, this is the place to ask 😃

Also, do you have any news, gossip or scandal you'd like to share...? 🤔

Let it out!!! 😱”