Akash is pumping today - here's why.

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A few days ago, I wrote a post about Akash. As has happened several times, after I post, the price of Akash pumps. Do I claim it?

Akash chart.png

Source: Coingecko

Na, I can't claim it.

The actual reason for the 30% pump of $AKT is this video from crypto YouTuber Elliotrades. Once again I managed to drop my post a day or two before a big influencer mentions Akash.

As you can see from the above chart, the last month has been a period of consolidation. The fundamentals of the project have improved with Mainnet 2 launched and the DeCloud alive. This video from Elliotrades has been the awareness catalist that has pumped the token price. Usually, with Akash, a big pump like this sees a small pull back, but it doesn't retrace back to previous levels. I will be very surprised if we ever see AKT drop under $5 again. Never say never, but I doubt it will happen any time soon.

Source: Elliotrades

In this video, he starts by talking about Filecoin, and other decentralized storage options like Storj and SIA, all of which are pumping at the moment. The second half of his video is about Akash, and how it could be the next to benefit from the trends pushing the storage blockchains up.

He then goes on to say he is running now a validator node (the only one he runs) for Akash, and provides a super easy guide to staking AKT with his node.

Elliotrades joins another major crypto influencer Altcoin Psycho among the ranks of Akash Validators. His commission rates are very competitive, and demonstrate a long term commitment and investment in the project.

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My post brought hundreds of external visitors to LeoFinance, as it was tweeted from the Akash projects official Twitter account. You can see their tweet here:

Great writeup from @JohnKeo58416448 🚀

Check it out: https://t.co/tgxRHWx2Rd

— Akash Network (@akashnet_) April 2, 2021

Akash tweet.png

As you can see, the share from the official account generated significant traffic to LeoFinance. With all the focus lately on Cub, it is important to remember what really brings traffic to Leo, and that is good quality externally focused content, and getting out into crypto-land and involved in other communities, so that when you write about them, they pick your content up and share it.

Short post for today, hope you enjoyed it,



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