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Hey, just wanted to post today a suggestion I have for building on the Leo site. What my idea is is to generate a project page for different crypto projects. For example, add a page on like (that doesn't exist yet, don't click the link, it is just an example) That page could look like the Leo home page, but specific to the Thorchain tag. I know we have trending and created feeds for every tag, but a specific page for projects could have a far greater impact.

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The page could have a panel for a price feed or chart, and the "curated" section could be based on the voting from nominated community members. Or, someone from the project could be invited to Leofinance and offered the opportunity to curate the User Generated Content on the page. Also on the page could appear a price chart or ticker for the related coin, "latest news" panel with an embedded twitter feed from the projects main account and so on (links, sites and further info)

Please excuse my horribly bad effort to show how this could look...

leo suggestion.png

I believe that having a dedicated site for projects of interest to the community would drive more traffic here from external sources. It would also be an awesome onboarding tool, and could help content creators that focus on specific crypto projects gain more views and attention. Onboarding members of the targeted community would be easier, as they could find and focus on their project of interest, and key community members could even be targeted to come and help select the "curated content" section.

So, would having a dedicated page for projects that interest people be something @khaleelkazi should consider?

We could easily start with:

  • Thorchain
  • Travala
  • CubFinance
  • LeoFinance (obviously)
  • Akash
  • The majors (BTC, BNB, ETH etc.)

And many more.

What do you think - worth considering?

I hope you can understand what I am suggesting, not real sure it makes sense, but I think so. It makes perfect sense in my head - lol.

The LEO site had a huge growth spurt in traffic and content and users, but has plateaued lately. Views are slipping a little and the Alexa ranking has slid a bit. Obviously @khaleelkazi has been flat out with other projects, and we are massively grateful for all his effort. Perhaps adding more focused content with committed user based curation could be a way to help Leo resume its growth trajectory, and fulfil the goal of being the "home page for crypto"?



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