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The Community pages feature for Leofinance.io appears to be getting closer to launch. We have seen some teasers of it on Twitter, and a call out for moderators for a Travala community page has been made. Feels like it could drop any day now, which is exciting.

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So, what is a community page?

The Community page idea is one that the devs of Leofinance have been working on for a while. Basically, a home page for specific crypto projects, here on Leofinance.

Lets take Thorchain as an example. Lots of Leo content creators post regularly about Thorchain. The Thorchain community page will be kind of like the Leo home page, but with just Thorchain content. It will have a curated section, which will be the role of the community moderators to select. The page will also have other relevant information on it - Links to important sites and a token price chart. We can see how it will likely look for the mobile version in the following image, shared recently in this tweet.


Image source: This tweet by Leofinance

Community pages are likely to be set up initially for some of the most popular projects that Leo content creators generally post about. We see Thorchain being an obvious choice, as many in Leo have been keenly following the project for years. We also saw a shout out on Twitter looking for volunteers to moderate the page for Travala. This is another clear choice, as people like @trumpman and @belemo have been following AVA for ages.

Key benefits.

Improve content discovery. - This will make it easy for people to find content on areas of interest. Want to learn about Thorchain? We have a one stop shop for everything Thorchain. Interested in Travala? Finding news and updates, and important links will be simple.

Potential onboarding. - Projects (particularly smaller, up and coming projects) may see benefits in joining to be involved in the curation of their community pages. Also, many projects have paid (or supported) brand ambassadors, and this feature makes it much more attractive for them to promote on LEO, and build a presence here. Also, just general community members may also see benefits for joining Leo, to be able to interact with content about their favorite project.

More eyeballs. - Community pages may gather lots of traffic over time from people just regularly checking in to view the latest content about their favorite project. Getting the pages bookmarked by people will ensure more regular traffic, regardless of whether people even join up to interact. As we know, the Ad revenue sharing model is also coming SoonTM, and more page visits means more ad revenue, means more LEO earnings for LEO power holders.

So what do we need to do?

First thing is first, keep in mind your content tagging. I put a post out a few days ago from the @leoalpha account about this. If you are unsure about what tags to use, check it out. The TLDR is simply to make sure you have the first few (preferably 5) tags on the post relevant to the content of the post.

Think about which communities you may be interested in curating. If you have a particular favorite project, consider putting your hand up to moderate. Each page will work best with moderators, and featured posts will be chosen based on the moderator votes. This is how the curated section works on the Leo home page - with the three selected moderators votes followed for "Curated", a different moderator takes the lead each week.

Promote the initiative once it is live. The community page for a particular project will be a great landing page for newcomers from various communities. This development is intended to drive the next wave of onboarding to Leofinance. It will only work if the existing community gets behind it and makes it work. I know the dev work by the Leofinance team have been working on it for ages. It's up to us to make that work worthwhile.

What community pages do you hope to see?

Drop a comment below with your favorite project outside of LEO. Once the feature is live and working, it will be a straightforward process to set up a new page. What would you like to see?

Personally, My likely home page will be a Cosmos Eco-system page. I hope to see this, and would love to moderate. Beyond that, my goal would be for specific pages for some of the projects I have posted about lately, like Osmosis, Comdex, Evmos and so on. This content would also slot in to the general Cosmos page, but having pages for each specific project would be a great way to onboard communities.

That's the goal of this, shift onboarding from just individuals here and there, to onboarding communities. How can you help with this goal?

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