Osmosis - an early look at APR's

A brand new Dex, built on a Cosmos SDK chain called Osmosis was launched just a couple of days ago. The launch has been a great success, with only a couple of minor issues experienced on day 1. Osmosis is the first major application of the IBC protocol at significant scale, and it has passed this ...

Movers & Shakers of the LEO top 100 - Week 23 - 2021

This is a snapshot of what has happened among the top 100 on the LEO richlist during last week.


RE: Osmosis - an early look at APR's

Great writeup, and thanks for the tag!

I ended up nabbing even more OSMO yesterday, and I'm definitely glad I did - sitting pretty at $3.27/ea right now! The APY on this is absolutely insane, I can't wait to see how much this continues to grow as more people learn about the project and join up.

RE: Osmosis - an early look at APR's

As usual I read top to bottom, May be in couple of month I might see oLeo in Osmosis pool.

RE: Osmosis - an early look at APR's

Looks interesting. So much going on these days!

RE: Osmosis - an early look at APR's

The bonding period is interesting. When you stake to a pool, are you charged a fee and can you change your period of staking while one is going on?

RE: Osmosis - an early look at APR's

cool, another good write up. thanks

There is also a small risk, like all Cosmos based chains, that you could lose a small percentage of your staked tokens...

huh didnt know this. might look a little harder next time i pick a validator rather then just go for the cheapest. ie picked stakelab as on...

RE: Osmosis - an early look at APR's

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