RE: Is ATOM about to explode?

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TBH, I see a HIVE IBC connection as unlikely. As you say, the development would require a significant investment, and community support that just doesn't seem to be there. This is something I am really attracted to in the Cosmos eco-system, they tackle big issues and the vision of a multi-chain future appeals to me more than anything else I see around crypto these days. I just don't see that outward focus to the same extent on HIVE, it still feels too inward focused.

The portfolio balancing thing is something I'm still working on. I've secured my Osmosis bags now, likely won't be putting more capital in there. I'm rebuilding on Cub. AKT is my biggest bag, need to build an ATOM stake for the long run. Also need to get back into Thorchain.

It's going to be interesting to see what pops up on a Cosmos SDK chain over time, It just feels like the eco-system is poised to boom. All sorts of dormant ETH projects could find a new home, in a much lower cost and cross-chain eco-system.

Thanks heaps for your insights, I learn more every time you drop a comment on my posts.


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