Spinvest-Leo weekly update - 22JAN

Welcome to this weeks update post from Spinvest-Leo, the branch of @spinvest managed by @jk6276. I post these reports on chain each week…

First Look At Junoswap

Over the last week, a new Dex has appeared in the Cosmos. Junoswap, built on the Juno smart contract Cosmos chain is live. I figured I'd…

Omniflix Airdrop - 3 days to prepare

The OMNIFLIX Airdrop has just been announced. The latest airdrop for the Cosmos ecosystem has just been announced. Omniflix have…

This Week In The Cosmos - Edition 1 - 17 Jan 2022

This Week In The Cosmos. Welcome to the first edition of "This Week In The Cosmos". These will be a weekly newsletter style of post…

EVMOS releases its tokenomics

Evmos is one of the mostly highly anticipated projects launching in the Cosmos Eco-system. An EVM compatible Cosmos chain, this will…

Comdex - An interesting Bear market option.

Comdex has recently launched its chain and has already achieved deep liquidity on Osmosis and a nice coin price around the $5 mark.…

Revisiting Akash

It has been far too long since I last posted about Akash, so it's time to fix that now. But before I dive in, time is running out on the…

The Rise and Rise of Osmosis

While much of the crypto market has been looking shaky of late, and the majors BTC and ETH are well below their peak and struggling it…

Spinvest-leo update 9Dec

Running very late and crunched for time, so a quick report today. Splinterlands. Claimed 403.482 SPS. Staked 200.…

Call to Action - Akash blog contest.

Going to try something here. Here on Leofinance, we are a community of crypto bloggers, right? Many people in our community can write a…

Great start to 2022 for the Cosmos.

Quick post today, celebrating some exciting happenings in the Cosmos eco-system. ATOM Atom has pushed up close to $40, sitting at…

Crypto targets 2022 - My goals for the year ahead.

Happy New Year Hive! 2022 is here now, and I figured that it would be a good idea to put my goals for the year ahead on chain and have…

Happy New Year - Spinvest-leo weekly update 2 Jan 2022

Welcome to the first weekly update for Spinvest-Leo for 2022. For those that see this report and don't know what it is all about…

Another day, another Cosmos eco-system airdrop.

BTSG airdrop confirmed. The Airdrop onslaught in the Cosmos eco-system continues, with confirmation today that 10 million BTSG tokens…

Woof Woof - The Cosmos has a Meme coin called Chihuahua (HUAHUA)

Every eco-system has its meme tokens, and now the Cosmos is now different. HUAHUA is a dog meme obviously inspired by the mighty chihuahua.

Building my Comdex (CMDX) position.

Comdex is a platform and new Cosmos eco-system project that I have taken a keen interest in. My airdrop was fairly small for this one…

Spinvest-Leo weekly update - 18 Dec

On Saturdays, I carry out weekly transactions for the @spinvest program in the @spinvest-leo wallets, and record the details on chain for…

Busy week for the Cosmos Eco-system

As far as activity levels within an eco-system, this week has to take the cake for the broader Cosmos community. There has been 3…

Spinvest-leo weekly update - 11 Dec

On Saturdays, I carry out weekly transactions for the Spinvest program in the @spinvest-leo wallets, and record the details on chain for…