UEFA issues a tender to select its Champions League cryptocurrency partner!

A new category of cryptocurrency rights has been opened up by UEFA , inviting bid

Sorare: Update from my Sorare Gallery. Great profits!

This article is an update on the previous article I posted about Sorare, the nft game. I'm sharing this update because some card…

The jerseys of major European Football teams feature Cryptocurrencies?

I follow many analysts on the internet who compare the previous bitcoin cycles and try to relate them to the current cycle. I'm sorry but…

Splinterlands: Why is so popular game?

Most people think of blockchain as a new technology that can be applied to currency exchanges, but there are many other ways this…

Earn a good APY on your Hive Power and help curation !

Hello Hiveans, If this is the first time you hear from us, we are a curation team and project aiming to discover and support good…

Prometheus-Nakamoto and the fire in our hands.

Let's get serious now. Most of us enjoy using this site to follow cryptocurrencies, and we attempt to find the most accurate information

Sorare, Great News: The king of Blockhain Games is rising!

The good news and the development of the blockchain game Sorare continue. Following the accession of the Spanish la Liga, the Sorare is…

Crypto: A common person's time becomes valuable.

At a time when governments are talking about viruses, vaccines, and drugs, at a time when people's lives are turning into constant anxiety…

Sorare - The Future of profitable Blockchain Games!

Sorare is growing and growing rapidly. More and more players are registering every day. I assure you that with a small investment in the…

Solana: Ethereum killer?

Today’s topic of discussion will revolve around the Solana platform itself; how it’s different from Ethereum in design and architecture…

Cosmos: An Intro To The Internet Of Blockchains

I'm glad you're here, Let's talk about a remarkable project that was started a long time ago to enhance its value in the cryptocurrency…

A record-breaking $680 million raise at Sorare: The next big thing in sports NFTs.

Hello everyone, Big news from the soccer fantasy game based on NFTs Sorare . Sorare raises a record $680 million Series B round…

The Avalanche Protocol: A Breakthrough in Blockchain Technology.

Hello dear friends, The topic of today's article is the Avalanche Protocol, which has gotten great attention these days. Let's get…

Information: What It Is And Why It Matters.

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This is a quick overview of Polkadot. One hundred dollars, is possible?

Hi again, Let’s talk about Polkadot. The number 8 cryptocurrency in the world. First of all, Polkadot is a project that helps find…