The Weekly Bro.


You are Gonna Give Me How Much For That? Turning a Parts Truck Into Hive Power!!

As some may know I finally got the parts truck hauled off to the local junkyard. I was just looking for a place to dump this thing…

Eggs with homegrown red pepper spice! What do we call this thing!?

Eggs with homegrown red pepper spice! What do we call this thing!?

[SCAM ALERT] ⚠️There is no 1000 JST Airdrop! (HIVE, STEEM, BLURT)


I'm Rocking A New MCO Visa Card

So this beauty came in the mail today: Made of composite metal, this thing weighs about 10 times that of a regular plastic card.…

Downvote this garbage, I'm drying out!

Go to this profile here and take a look at what you see: Do these posts contribute value to Hive?

UNOFFICIAL WINNERS LIST FOR #HivePUD (Hive Power Up Day) September 1st, 2020

Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this month's Hive Power Up Day, either through powering up, posting

Liquid Hive Power - New Idea You Can Test Out :)

Hi guys, I'm currently testing new service I've made, called Liquid Hive Power - feel free to join in. Check out the post to learn more…

HPUD~ Hive Power-Up Day ~ Sept. 1st 2020~ 6,500 Hive Power-Up

My initial plan was to go ahead and finally dump all my Steem and power it all up. Then I got to liking how close I was to hitting that…

$VIEWS / Views Farm is a scam

$VIEWS claims to be a project that will pay its users when they stream using their platform. This is another of those scam coins that…

~TDT~ $20 Tuesday!! ~ TDT~

For the second week in a row!! I am slowly stacking Hive $20 at a time. Last week I used the BTC ATM and was feeling a bit abused by their…

~TDT~ $20 Tuesday is Baaaack!! HOLY BTC ATM FEES BATMAN!!

I don’t know when the last time was that I hit up the local Bitcoin ATM... Well I do now because today was the last time I did. With a…

Feedback from the last Hive Power Up Day

This month was the first Hive Power Up Day (PUD) in cooperation with @hivebuzz. It was a big experiment for all of us and super cool to…

HPUD: Closing In On Triple Orca | 100% Beneficiary to @veteranforcrypto

Well, I had hope more fireworks would happen, but it turns out my HPUD withdrawal is stuck on @bittrex for the time being. In any case…

What will you do when you finally make it?

I am sure many of us are here in hopes of finally "making it". Of course everyone has a different view of "making it". Me, I am a frugal…

My Thoughts: Hive Will Thrive Despite Any Stakeholder, Not Because Of Them

Courtesy of @thepeakstudio Appealing to Authority On Hive Where blogging is concerned, Hive has no complaint department. Your…

Hive Lottery Game #1 - Come win 50 Hive!

Use the Hive tip feature on this post and put (1) Hive for a ticket and in the short description guess a number between 1-100 .…

Reset Accounts

Hive/Steem have recovery accounts You know this. I know this. Everyone knows this. Right? Recovery accounts set our network above…

Review your witness votes NOW!!! Remove your votes from the following witnesses who have shut down their servers and help Steem. More than 65 mill SP is of no use at the moment.

It is now or never fellas. The last few days the entire Steem community, real people, have been fighting for everything

Get whatever Steem you can and Power It Up!! Let’s Go Steemians!!!

Let's keep the pressure on and power-up whatever Steem you got!! I just used to exchange some BCH for some Steem. It isn't…