My 2021 Financial Goals | Keep It Simple, Stupid

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Which is going to be your investment strategy for 2021?

The investment strategy will be simple, it starts by saving €1000 each month. Then, I will divide that amount by two, one half will go to my stock market broker and the other one to my crypto exchange.

In the broker account, I will be investing mostly in ETF. This portfolio will only include three: China, NASDAQ, and dividend. Also, to avoid all possible taxation, the type of all of them will be only accumulation. I learned a lot last year by investing in different stocks and ETFs, and my conclusion was that my portfolio should be simple, avoid taxes, and good quality.

This year, I will be investing more in crypto, and also I will be experimenting as I did with the ETFs. Because Hive was a great discovery to me, I realized that there are a lot of amazing projects out there. So, I will be using small amounts of money to investigate deeper, that's how I have learned a lot. Even if I lost money, I’d have learned some valuable lessons, faster than reading hundred of books or spending thousands on courses. Or at least, that would give me a lot of new content to post it here.

However, I won’t be throwing my money to every new ICO like crazy. I will stick to my main strategy on crypto, which is simple, buy Bitcoin and ETH and hold to the moon.

Do you have any specific assets that you want to invest in?

Alibaba still remains on my portfolio, I was about to get rid of it but the bad news lately made the price drop from €267 to €181. The company has lost some value but is still a good business with earnings increasing each year. At this point, my arachnid sense tells me to buy more because is cheap, and being honest I don’t know what to do with this dilemma.

Apart from that, I wanted to buy some Axies and start to play Axie Infinity, but the gas fees are pushing me away from this. Therefore, if this impediment gets solved in the next month, I will buy some creatures; otherwise, I’ll keep waiting. Also, I see a big potential in the game if keeps expanding in the future and any synergy with other projects.

Preferred Investment? Crypto, Real State, Commodities, Stocks?

Real State is a big no for me, even REITs, there are and will have many problems. This market will be hyper-regulated by politicians and social movements will reclaim rights over a property that they don’t own. Also, collecting rents, some tenants not paying, repairs, reforms, and other direct and indirect expenses. All of this sounds like hard work and a pain in the ass for a low profit.

About commodities, It never got my attention and never will, not even with gold. It doesn’t happen the same with crypto and stock, both of them I understand very well. Also, is easier to keep track of profits, get information and buy/sell; it doesn’t need a big amount of money to start to invest in, and I found more fun and freedom in this kind of investment. So, that’s why I prefer crypto and stocks before others.

Do you have a plan or a set of goals on how to use and grow your stake?

My plan to grow my stake will be saving and reinvest. Here on Leo and Hive, there is this awesome tool to stake and receive curation reward, for this year my plan will be to stake as much LP and HP as I can. Also, I will start using and reinvesting some hive on other places like dCity, because these kind of platforms are perfect for it.

As for my other cryptocurrencies, I'll try to generate some passive income by lending, staking, or providing liquidity. For example, the ETH-wBTC pair looks pretty interesting, but I still need to expand my knowledge about impermanent loss. Also, other platforms like Curve or Yearn Finance offer a good return on stable coins, so It wouldn't be a bad idea for diversification.


  • Leo to $1
  • Hive to $0.15
  • BTC to $75k
  • ETH to $2000

Finally, thanks to @theycallmedan and @leofinance, for sponsoring the initiative. To @hispapro, @aliento, and @tripode, for taking care of the Spanish community and also organizing this awesome event.

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Leo to $1

LEO has so much potential

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True, the future will be incredible for LEO and also for HIVE.

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I hope that all your goals are achieved! 2021 started really well for cryptocurrencies and for LEO it couldn't get any better.

I believe that with the next projects that are under development to be launched, $ 1 will be very little for what LEO represents.

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If it goes above $1 better :P

Thanks Coyotelation.

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