Binance Charity Announces Crypto Donation to UNICEF

10 days ago
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One of these ways crypto can get more exposure to the world out there is through charity, though charity from the heart and not just seeking fame should be the intention.
The crypto community have shown sides of being charitable on several occasions in cases where victim's account got hacked or lost of funds etc, basically crypto community do have some charitable spirit within them.

Binance Charity has announced what is the first crypto-donation to UNICEF to aid with its vaccine procurement and supply operation. UNICEF is the largest vaccine buyer in the world and has the expertise in procurement and logistics to help children in need. Binance, with its $1 million crypto-donation to the organization, will support its role as the key delivery partner for the COVAX facility, aiming to ensure global equitable access to COIVD-19 vaccines.

A very philanthropic gesture from Binance, something we should see often from the world of crypto.
I just have mixed reactions when it comes to Covid 19 and its vaccines. Should I appreciate donation towards me being vaccinated is the way I feel here? Personally I don't want to be vaccinated I'd rather kick the bucket than inject some experimental vaccine into me.

People are going through life's struggles that is worse than being locked up in the name of curbing Covid 19 spread. I will be channeling that crypto donation to areas that would do better with such fund maybe to some schools for crypto education, computer literacy as clearly more of that is needed going forward at the rate we are evolving technologically, some rural area without water.

I will rather channel my donation towards such places instead of Covid 19 vaccines. Just a charitable side of Binance I have mixed feelings about.

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