Consider Yourself Fortunate To Be Offered Having Your Salary In Bitcoin

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Having the opportunity to either get in on Bitcoin for the first time or accumulate more without having to convert fiat to Bitcoin is a fortunate opportunity no one should turn down as you save on the fees of having to pay with fiat. You avoid the KYC crap from the likes of Luno and others centralized source of purchasing BTC.

Personally I have had that opportunity in the past from an employer that was waiting his fiat to be cleared from the bank and offered if I don't mind getting BTC back then. I agreed to it and I stupidly treated it as fiat, this was back in 2013-2014 thereabouts.

The Sacramento Kings NBA franchise is set to offer Bitcoin as a salary option for everyone that works for the organization, per Kings chairman, CEO and governor Vivek Ranadivé.

Getting one's salary in Bitcoin is becoming an option being offered to employees, an option that is currently uncommon.
Hopefully this options spreads globally to become another source of entry to Bitcoin for those still stuck in the world of fiat.

The advantages with Bitcoin salary especially for crypto enthusiasts is it presents a source of being discipline with your money, you only convert what you need into fiat and the rest stays in crypto and for married couples one can restrain from converting to fiat while they spend the partner's fiat.
Quite a few ways to work around this opportunity to one's advantage if you are the one being presented with an opportunity of having less transactions with fiat.

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