HIVE, CHZ, BAT Price Check

10 days ago
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HIVE have enjoyed a good run up lately, a run that saw it hit an ATH of over a dollar. It was a run that established beliefs amongst some of us here that HIVE at $1 plus is possible.
The slow and steady move up have been followed by the same slow and steady move down.
How low is HIVE going before another hopeful run up remains to be seen as it currently trades at $0.53, possibly a buying opportunity for those with some cash lying around.


I have got my eyes fixed on CHZ lately and I just can't stop monitoring it's movement, thirty days had CHZ around the $0.20 region, Chiliz have enjoyed 214.8% increas in price within the last thirty days placing it at $0.40 at the moment as it struggles to prevent further dip. I wish having it at $0.20 again for some buying opportunity which is looking unlikely.


Since BAT hit the $1 mark it has done pretty well in holding on tight, it appears to be enjoy itself above a dollar which is good for Brave browser and it's users.
My BAT accumulation the past month for using Brave browser wasn't impressive, hopefully I accumulate more for the month of April.
BAT currently trades at $1.23 with price appreciation of 2.5% within the last hour.

For every dip or rise there's always a buy or sell order.

We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

Image by @doze