Adored By The Crowd At Mount Mox Relenor Cleaver's Arena Combat Is To Be Feared

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The new soulbound reward cards seem to have brought a new kind of excitement to the game and one being the summoners that allow the use of a Gladiator card in battles and for this battle PEMBROOK NYMPH which I have been fortunate to receive level 2 copies.

Hopefully, I get more copies for a level 3 upgrade and beyond.

My first battle using PEMBROOK NYMPH had me opt for RELENOR CLEAVER a gladiator card. It had a Brawls kind of feel to it which I find interesting for Ranked battles.

The Summoners

Opponent's SummonerElementAbility
POSSIBILUS THE WISEWater+2 Health, Trample & Reach
My SummonerElementAbility
PEMBROOK NYMPHWater+1 Health, Gladiator
Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 2_8_2023 2_22_54 PM.png image.png

[*Battle Ruleset

Reverse Speed

Equal Opportunity



Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 2_8_2023 2_34_03 PM.png

WAVE BROOD was up there in my frontline with Taunt and Close Range abilities. Being Reverse Speed and Equal Opportunity it fits well for this battle being a slow monster and pulling all attacks to it with the Taunt ability. Too bad for WAVE BROOD it didn't last beyond the second round.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 2_8_2023 2_39_57 PM.png

RELENOR CLEAVER comes in with Bloodlust and Reach abilities in the second spot, It had a go at the enemy's RIVER HELLONDALE for the Bloodlust and from there on it became deadlier and unstoppable.

Relenor Cleaver wields the heaviest axes in the history of the Axemasters; he has been drawn to the glory of arena combat and the roars of adoring crowds at Mount Mox, where he now lives as a professional Gladiator.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 2_8_2023 2_46_12 PM.png

I had DISINTEGRATOR in the third spot in my lineup for the Demoralize ability it brings to the team. It turned out good choice as it reduced the melee power of my opponent.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 2_8_2023 2_53_05 PM.png

The Inspire ability of DEMENTED SHARK gives my melee monsters additional damage power and with fairly good health it was able to survive the battle from the third spot in the lineup.


The +1 health from summoner PEMBROOK NYMPH wasn't enough to keep FEASTING SEAWEED longer in the game as it was the second card to be eliminated due to its low health. It however did some damage to the opponent's lineup before getting eliminated.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 2_8_2023 3_03_28 PM.png

VENARI WAVESMITH was there in the backline providing Armor protection for the team. It made it to the fourth round haven played a vital role in the team's defense.

My first use of PEMBROOK NYMPH turned out a positive one, I hope to get more copies to get a better performance out of it.




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