Once Again We Are Encouraged to Save

12 days ago
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Almost everyone one of us was encouraged to save in our childhood days, those cents being put away in piggy banks for dream shopping was fun growing up. Have a couple of money saved in whatever currency and you fill rich.
The habit of saving continued with some of us growing up while some of us it became difficult to save either not having much left which is mostly the case or happens to spend lavishly. Either way we all have attempted saving at some point in our lives.


The monetary system we have been subjected to have actually discouraged savings for some, putting money away in some fixed deposit account with the hope of it either maintaining its value or appreciate is actually the contrary.

Screwed the banks and put that money under the bed to avoid bank charges and besides some are out there without bank account, so that's a smart move. No not so fast! There's going to be more money to be printed frequently and especially when governments are in printing mood and the result of that is we know is inflation.

So why save after all, there's no point saving if what I'm saving keeps depreciating in value tying me to no other option than to run the rat race till my last breath.


So we got a gift from Satoshi, the Bitcoin gift to alter how we see money, how money should be. The many characteristics of Bitcoin makes it appealing to serve as money, no printing whenever someone above wakes up on the printing side of the bed. With Bitcoin's finite supply comes with scarcity elements making it serve as the purpose of an asset than money though it serves both.
Here we see a reason to save again, to save in something that continues to gain value.

ALTs came to live to coexist with Bitcoin, suddenly the options to save opens up vastly and very unimaginable, though everyone individual is left with the responsibility of which ALT to save in, you really don't want to be saving some shitcoin because that no doubt defeats the purpose of saving.

But the point here is cryptocurrency have brought us hope and reason to save again. Cryptocurrency have redefined savings to what is now known as HODL.
If you are HODLing some BAT, HIVE, BTC few months ago you will definitely see the effort of your savings paying off compared to your fiat.

Once again we are encouraged to save, in various ways and they come with fancy words as well, DeFi, farming, stake...

We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

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