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I managed to put up a fight today at the expense of my Energy Capture Rate (ERC), so that enabled me to accumulate 5 chests for the day and so far 31 season chests with five days till end of the season. Maybe my progress so far isn't that bad but it has been tougher on the battlefield compared to last season.

BAAKJIRA, here's a card with abilities that a are a lot useful on for the Water element.

Level 2 isn't of much significant for me but level 3 is where BAAKJIRA becomes a pain for opponents, when maxed out it is abundantly rich in Health.

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I do need it at level 3 at some point, another thing to point out on BAAKJIRA is the 6 mana which makes less expensive to get into most battles.

The Regular Foil at present will cost you $5.62 while you will have to part with $33.61 for the Gold Foil, it appears to be making a lot of sense to go for the GF.


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PeakMonsters - Brave 11_24_2022 7_14_37 PM.png

It feels good when efforts on the battlefield is rewarded with a pack lol. I pulled off a summoner two other Rare cards.

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