RE: The Clocks get set back, time to drink a coffee with Quack.

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Good to know you are better now from the ulcer bro
Why do we have to work? crazy, working is just worse in some places than others, the past week have been crazy and the new week looks to be a repeat. Am typing these words with fatigue lol, I should be back to my normal self in another week hopefully

Keep slaying those debts bro.
Have a good one !PIZZA

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Slay, Slay, then we pray. For more time to enjoy life, but we are setting up. Thanks for your continued good words bro, means a lot. Hope you rest up so can keep slaying.



What do you call it when a chickpea kills someone?

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@joetunex, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @captainquack22

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