RE: A Look At Formal And Informal Remmitance Into Zimbabwe

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Thanks for the link, Kraken happens to be the most used exchange in Zim with 6 million users which is good.

iCE3 told customers that withdrawals from the platform have been disabled, and they will be provided with further details on Wednesday. CoinDesk has reached out to iCE3 seeking more information but did not receive a response by press time.

I missed this and actually don't know about iCE3 exchange, I tend to stick to using Bittrex and Binance which doesn't rule out such possibilities of losing funds and being centralized exchanges too but have lasted in the crypto space than some unknown exchanges.

Very unfortunate on those affected by the iCE3 exchange liquidation, a similar case happened in two exchanges in Turkey last month as well. We've got to be careful which exchanges we hop on to.

Groceries in SA to deliver in Zim, I will be checking it out.

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