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I might be wrong but I think the numbers of employees were more than enough, again I don't know what their duties are behind the scenes and perhaps Splinterlands could have managed with fewer numbers.

It is sad for those affected by the layoff but it is the right thing to do to keep the company afloat, this reminds me of when Covid struck, we were laid off immediately, it felt bad, with an uncertain future financially but it was a move in the interest of the company not to keep us at home locked up due to lockdown and continue to dish out salaries with no productivity.

The game needs new players and I strongly wish attention is given to the lower league to encourage entry.

The crypto bear, hopefully it doesn't get worse than this.

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Yeah, I think eventually they'll work around with the 55% left because I know most of those recruitment happened during the splinterlands' bloom mid last year I guess. Nevertheless, like we've both pointed out, we need developments and the game has got to move forward, I think it's time to focus on adoption and retention.

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