RE: Splinterlands: Soul Bound Reward Cards

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Bots are just a nightmare the team is having to deal with and some of the means being deployed to fight bots tends to hurt especially the lower league players. I play in the Gold but wishes conditions are favorable to lower leagues because that is where newer players come in and should be retained. Soul bound might just be a tougher means to be deployed, So this is telling me I can't buy a reward card if I want to have it leveled up.
Perhaps I need to deliberate on this to see the overall positives.

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I think the idea is to encourage play and combining of cards while fighting against bots who earn and dump. Something I did forget to mention in my post is that the plan (at current time) was said to be to allow Reward Cards to be burned when they are maxed.


Thanks for further elaboration, hopefully, it works out well for the game. Regardless am in for the long run because I enjoy the game.

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