Signal To Integrate In-App Crypto Payment

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I like to see options pop up that encourages moving of centralized entities like we see with Brave browser, Presearch these are Apps taking on Google, a big ambition but decentralized Apps have to start somewhere.

Signal is one that offers end to end encryption messaging, a more privacy messaging App unlike Facebook's WhatsApp.
Give me a App with privacy oriented and you've got my support, Signal seems to be offering that.

Signal App, the recently popular WhatsApp competitor, and end-to-end encrypted messaging app is pushing up the envelope and planning to test in-app crypto payments. The new feature called Signal Payments is currently in the beta version and allows its users to send money in digital currencies to friends and family.

Opportunities of moving away from entities that abuse user's data is going to keep showing up, whether Signal succeeds with this or not, others will follow up from where it failed and improve on it, though I hope Signal succeeds.

Facebook's WhatsApp have similar plan, how far that have gone is a business I'm not keen on.
Signal's design places users in control of their data as well as their wallet balances compared to Facebook's WhatsApp that haven't done well in gaining the trust of users.

This could be another means for crypto enthusiasts to send money to each other.

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