Wedding Goes Virtual As Coinbase Couples Exchange NFT Virtual Rings on Ethereum Blockchain

13 days ago
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Blockchain is continously spreading into every aspect of life known to human, first it was just cryptocurrencies which extended into DeFi, the current year have seen NFT taken the crypto world by storm and keeps gaining popularity by the day with NFTs being sold at unimaginable prices.

Coinbase principal security engineer Peter Kacherginsky and staff product designer Rebecca Rose took love into Web 3.0 when they exchanged “virtual rings” on the blockchain.

You've got to admire crypto couples, I'm sure they will be seen as weird around their families and friends.

On the innovative side we are seeing blockchain being implemented in ways that never thought of decades back and the interesting part is we are just getting started with this technology.


I actually find getting married on a blockchain to be cool, saves you the cost of some pricy ring instead of having the money staked away in DeFi for money farming.

It is high time we get a dating App on HIVE so crypto weirdos can marry themselves.

We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

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